If you've recently received email that appears to come from an Adeptium Consulting Ltd. email address, and which appears to be spam, please be assured it did not come from us, nor from anyone with access to our domains.

It's unfortunately all too easy for spammers to fake email addresses into the headers of their drivel. On a number of occasions, probably hundreds of thousands of spams have had Adeptium addresses forged into them. We've received a lot of failed-delivery messages, and now filter them out of our mail servers at source. (Please don't ask how we do it. It's a bit clever, and we don't want to help spammers by explaining it.)

Please be assured: we do not spam. We also don't sell pharmaceuticals, FIVE MARKETING REPORTS, the missing fortunes of recently-deceased dictators, dodgy stock tips - or even good ones - and we don't promote online casinos, either. (If we owned one, we'd promote it! Just not with spam, that's all.)

When we do promote our services - and like most other companies, we do - it's to specific companies or individuals within those companies, in compliance with GDPR, not to random email addresses. You'll know it's been sent from us because it will name you or your company, it will identify services we can provide you that are consistent with our web site (, and it will usually link back to relevant pages on our web site too.

If you have any doubts about our email policies, please read our Privacy Policy.  The link is at the bottom of the page.