Amazon Web Services User Group

Our Managing Director, Jon Green, is the Organiser of the Cambridge Amazon Web Services User Group.

Amazon Web Services is by far the biggest provider of cloud services world-wide: in fact, it offers five times more computing power that the rest of the Top 15 cloud providers added together. Although not as much a household name as its parent company Amazon, AWS serves much of the Web as we know it, along with media services such as Netflix, and mobile apps too. Oh, and government services such as NASA.

We're proud to be associated with AWS, and particularly proud for Jon, who has been an AWS developer and user since the service launched, to be leading the User Group Cambridge AWS community.


Welcome to 2019!

We're enjoying our New Year, working with the biggest player in Internet of Things security. We're helping them develop end-to-end secrets management. At no point in the production chain, from creation until installation in the target device, are secrets (crypto keys, and so on) readable by a third party.

What will Brexit hold? Will it even happen at all? This will be the biggest disruptor this year. We await developments with bated breath - and no little trepidation. Good luck and good fortune to all!


Another space contract!

Our space ambitions continue unabated...

Our very friendly space sciences client has given us a new contract, and we couldn't be happier about it!  This time, we'll be working on the firmware for many, probably most, of the on-board systems of a new satellite platform. Sadly, we can't discuss anything about it as yet, as the details haven't been made public so far, but we'll keep you posted when we can!


Welcome to our latest client!

Our 2013 is complete! We're delighted to welcome a new client for the New Year. We'll be working with them to enhance their range of energy-saving embedded systems, targeted at Government and Local Authority customers. It rings all our bells, too: our Managing Director, Jon Green, has previously run a company making low-energy computing products for education, and has only recently stepped down as a Parish Councillor to concentrate more on Adeptium's future, so we appreciate the increasing pressures on local government to reduce costs and reduce their environmental impact.


Space contract extended!

We're very pleased to announce that our space sciences client has delivered us a lovely Christmas present, and extended our contract well into the New Year. As hoped, we are now working on in-flight embedded software as well as ground systems, and we're anticipating our work will be in orbit in the next couple of months or so. It's an exciting time!

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