Anything that's sufficiently technical will develop a jargon, and this project is no exception.  Here's a Translator's Guide to the more obscure terminology and abbreviations you're going to encounter here.



CAA - The UK's Civil Aviation Authority: the equivalent of the United States' Federal Aviation Administration.

CCP - Command and Control Processor - the computer that sits in the middle and conducts the orchestra of sensors and dquipment.  Currently either an STMicro device or an mBed.

EPS - nothing to do with Star Trek conduits, this stands for Expanded Polystyrene sheet, more usually used for solid wall and floor insulation.  We're building the instrument package with it.

HAB - High Altitude Ballooning

ICP - Instrument CoProcessor.  In our case, a Samsung GT-5800 Android smartphone that wraps up GPS, accelerometer, gravitometer, gyro and camera, not to mention radio downlink and a nice, loud beeper, into one small package with its own battery.


FLIGHT - the Flight Director, the person who's got overall responsibility for the project.  In this case, Jon S Green of Adeptium Consulting Ltd.

FIDO - see FDO

FDO - the Flight Dynamics Officer.  The FDO (or FIDO) tracks the flight path.  For STARS-1, this will be Meriel Green.

INCO - the Integrated Communications Officer.  Responsible for in-flight communications, we're expecting this will be Mark Turner.

RNDZ - Rendezvous Officer.  In charge of getting the retrieve crew to the landed instrument package   Likely to be Christina Green.

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